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Custom Engagement Canvas

On their wedding day, the bride and groom should have all of the attention. Of course, they receive generic gifts from friends and family, but not you! Why not create a customised and personal gift to commemorate the start of their new lives together? Your gift will surely be one that will not be forgotten by anyone! Beyond a Word creates the perfect canvases to celebrate engagements and weddings. Our team can design the best-customised word art piece that the newly engaged duo will cherish forever.

Please browse our gallery to find a design you like. If you feel overwhelmed or just do not know which one to pick, let us know! We are professionals and are here to help. We can assist you with picking a colour palette and template, all completely customisable to your standards. We will help you pick out colours that set the tone of a wedding to further personalise this gift. Our artwork is unique, and you cannot find it anywhere else.

Personalised Romantic Art Gifts

There are tons of ways to pair colour palettes and templates when you are building your creation. A well-liked idea to help inspire you is having the wedding vows printed in beautiful wedding-coloured tones that work well together to create a magical work of art. Another great idea is to express the new union by showcasing their favourite quotes or phrases, or even words that remind them of the first time they met.

Beyond a Word can create the vision you have in your mind, so do not be afraid to ask us about your ideas. Personalised engagement gifts are unique to each couple and will be remembered and enjoyed for the rest of their lives, and quite possibly their children’s and grandchildren’s lives. Instead of picking something off of their registry, gift them something meaningful and unique that they can cherish and appreciate forever.

Do not let our low, affordable prices fool you! We use the best materials possible and offer the best papers and canvases as well as frames that are available in the size and style that you would like! Once we send you a proof, please do not hesitate to request changes if it does not look at how you would like it to look. We can change it as many times as necessary until the perfect proof is staring back at you. Purchase one of our canvases for your newly engaged loved one’s today!

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