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Wedding Vowels-cropped-clearbackBeyond a Word art is the perfect place to purchase a gift for someone. It is easy to run out of ideas and difficult to get creative nowadays with posts on social media flooding our minds. Do not feel as though you must be as good as what you see on Instagram or Pinterest. Just order a simple yet thoughtful and beautiful canvas from us as a gift to your loved one. These canvases will be appreciated for the rest of their lives.

Are you on a budget? Do not worry! We offer cheap and inexpensive options for our customers without sacrificing the quality of our artwork. We take pride in our work and want to make sure every customer receives the value of the art they deserve. Browse our gallery today to discover examples created by other customers and to get a feel for what we can do for you.

Word Art Gifts

Our variety of typographic designs and prints are always unique and personalised for each customer, so do not be afraid to tell us what you want to see. Just send us your ideas, and we will take care of the rest. If you do not like the proof, we can redesign it for you as many times as necessary until the image you envisioned is seen on your screen.

Our art is created with the best quality materials available to us including canvases made from 100% cotton, non-fade inks, fantastic papers, and great timbers. We offer the best quality products to our customers as we want each customer feeling satisfied with our work. We work hard to provide our customers with the best canvases possible. Purchasing a special gift from Beyond a Word takes just a few minutes, and it could be the difference between a wonderful gift that will forever be appreciated versus one that will be chucked into the back of the closet.

The hardest part is choosing between the different styles of lettering, fonts, and colours you would like to have printed on the canvas. Do not worry if you cannot decide. We are here to assist you in all ways. Here at Beyond a Word, we can customise this gift to your liking, so choose any colours, wording, and layout that you find interesting and start the process of creating the most perfect gift for your loved one. They will love the fact that you put so much effort into getting them such a special gift.

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