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Personalised gifts are perfect for anyone you can think of, especially when they come as a thoughtful surprise! People are always delighted when they receive a special out-of-the-blue gift, especially when they can tell the gift giver put time, energy, and effort into creating something personal and magical.

Beyond a Word is in the business to create these kinds of special gifts. They can be for friends and family, or you can even purchase one as a gift for yourself to commemorate special events and occasions. We enjoy the process of creating personalised canvases that are completely unique to each customer. The receiver of the gift will be pleased when they realise you went out of the way to create something exceptional. There are a lot of different life milestones that can be commemorated by a beautiful canvas, such as a wedding, major birthday, engagement, the birth of a newborn, graduations, and more!

Word Art Gifts

Please let us know what your ideas are. If you are not sure, do not hesitate to ask! We can help find the perfect template and colour palette to fit your desires and the vision you have created in your mind. The process of creating a canvas is easy, so get started today! We will walk you through the steps of making one of these personalised canvases. Browse our gallery to get inspired by what we can create for you. We will assist you every step of the way to create a product that not only will you be happy with, but the recipient will be happy with. Add photos, words, phrases, or certain colours to create your vision. Let’s work together to create something spectacular!

Personalised Canvas Wall Art

Our typographic personalised canvas wall art and custom canvas prints are perfect for anyone who wants something that can be completely customised. Take a look at what our other customers have to say about us, and then trust that we can make the right canvas or print just for you! We are professionals and understand the delicate care that goes into creating a personalised masterpiece.

We offer canvases and prints at inexpensive prices so our low-budget customers can also purchase a canvas. Do not let the low prices fool you into thinking we use cheap resources. Our materials are of the highest quality! Soon enough, your canvas will be out in route to your home and will be hanging on the wall in no time!

Personalised Gifts

Unique Gifts

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Bespoke Wall Art Prints on Canvas

Looking for great Personalised Gifts? Look no further...

Wedding Vowels-cropped-clearback

What more can show how much you care for those special people in your life than by designing and giving them personalised gifts that celebrate shared memories and inspire positivity and happiness in their lives? That's just the reaction Beyond a Word specialises in creating when we take your design to make unique one of a kind prints using words and phrases you choose.

Why stick to boring or safe gifts you buy in the store when you can design personalised gifts that capture the essence of your relationship with someone? Perhaps you want to design a piece for your spouse, a parent, grandparent, sibling or close friend. Perhaps you want to commemorate a special event like an engagement or wedding, a graduation or anniversary, the birth of a child or a christening. The possibilities are endless – the only limit is your own imagination.


The best part about creating personalised gifts is that you choose the words and phrases that perfectly define your shared feelings. You can take song lyrics or lines from your favourite poems. There's poetry and inspirational quotes. There's names and places that remind each of us of our most precious memories. Whatever it is you want to print in spectacular typography and display in rich, vibrant colours we will help you realise your vision.

Beyond a Word is your one stop shop for gifts for everyone on your list. And we're so sure that you'll be completely satisfied with your purchase and our unbeatable prices that you'll come back for more time after time.

We won't cut any corners. All of our prints are made using the latest in printer and ink technologies, and each piece is hand crafted right in here in Australia by our team of specialists. We can create paper prints or canvas prints, print pieces in one of several different sizes, all to make sure that you get exactly what you are looking for.

Get started today by searching our extensive gallery of styles and colour schemes. You can browse popular ideas from our past customers. And you can always contact our friendly and expert customer service staff to start brainstorming your perfect and unique creation. Let your creativity run free and the right words will come. Word and phrasal art from Beyond a Word is simply the best. Contact us and let's get started on that masterpiece.

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